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Our history


Inspawration was created in Macau in January 2019 by two animals lovers and our rescue dog Tika.

Whilst living in Macau, we saw firsthand how much rescue centers need our support. We took part in some rescue missions with MASDAW (One of Macau’s leading animal rescue organisations) to save a few dogs destined for euthanasia at the government kennels.

Through us supporting these rescue centers and promoting adoption rather than buying, it allows those centers to save more animals.

We wanted to create a concept to raise money to help the stray animal associations across the world. One day, we were scribbling down ideas on to paper and cartoon Tika was born! Tika has inspired us so much with his journey from the streets to domesticated life – it seemed fitting that he should be our logo. He is our Inspawration.

We create our own brand products from t-shirts to reusable cups to be sold. We have and will always donate a percentage to animal charities and organizations. Every animal deserves a chance at life.


If you have any questions, require any information or just want to have a chat about what we do then give us a message. We are a friendly bunch!

our team

Emma Langton

Emma Langton

Co-producer & Marketing

Singer turned animal rights supporter and animal enthusiast.

Emma first came to Asia in 2012 and was touring as a singer working in 5 star casinos & hotels across the continent.

Emma had always loved animals but this strengthened even greater once she fellin love with the street dogs of Macau & Thailand. Tika inspired Emma & Dario to create Inspawration with a goal to give a percentage of profits to help rescue centers in need.




Born on the streets of Macau in 2015, Tika has had quite a change of lifestyle. When Emma & Dario met him, they just knew that Tika had to be a part of their family. His sweet nature, strength & good looks are just a few of his strong points!

Tika was of course the Inspiration behind Inspawration. His story inspired the team to support the stray & abandoned animals across the globe. 

Tika is now ambassador of Inspawration and proudly represents the team in their mission to help the animals in need.

Dario D'agate

Dario D'agate

Co-producer & Visual Media

DJ turned animal lover! Dario was working as a DJ all over Asia in some of the most prestigious clubs. Travelling the world encouraged him to experience other cultures and made him realise the deep love he felt for animals of all shapes and sizes. Adopting Tika strengthened his passion for animals and he is now devoted to supporting animal rescue centers worldwide through Inspawration.

Dario is also a very creative graphic designer and handles all of the logos/design work for Inspawration. 



Assistant Ambassador

Holly came bouncing into the family a few months after the move from Macau to the U.K. in 2019. She was abandonned as an 8 week old puppy.

Emma, Dario & Tika took her in as a foster dog but quickly fell in love & adopted her!

Holly loves the camera & is always ready to pose for inspawrational photo with her waggy tail & huge grin. She is a proud member of the Inspawration team!

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